template<class T>
class TFView : public tsa::BaseView

Time view: container for time series.


inline void SetStartT(double v)
inline void SetStartF(double v)
inline void SetSamplingT(double v)
inline void SetSamplingF(double v)
inline void SetScale(double aScale)


inline void Clear()

Clear the data in the view, which are all initialized to zero.

Data access

inline numericType &operator()(unsigned int i, unsigned int j)

Get a value in a given channel at a given index.

  • i – index on the time axis

  • j – index on the frequency axis


the data value


inline boost::numeric::ublas::matrix<numericType> *GetData()
inline unsigned int GetFrequencySize()
inline unsigned int GetTimeSize()
inline double GetStartT()
inline double GetStartF()
inline double GetFrequency(unsigned int k)
inline double GetTime(unsigned int k)
inline double GetEndF()
inline double GetEndT()
inline double GetFrequencySlice()
inline double GetTimeSlice()
inline double GetSamplingF()
inline double GetSamplingT()

Public Types

typedef T numericType

Public Functions

inline TFView(unsigned int FrequencySize, unsigned int TimeSize, double aStartT = 0.0, double aSamplingT = 1.0, double aStartF = 0.0, double aSamplingF = 1.0)


  • FrequencySize – the number of data on frequency axis

  • TimeSize – the number of data on time axis

  • aStartT – start time

  • aSamplingT – time step

  • aStartF – start frequency

  • aSamplingF – frequency step

inline ~TFView()