class ViewUtil : public tsa::AlgoBase

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User interface

static void Join(std::vector<SeqViewComplex> &sl, SeqViewComplex &joined, double start, double sampling, unsigned int length)
static void Join(std::vector<SeqViewDouble> &sl, SeqViewDouble &joined, double start, double sampling, unsigned int length)
static void Join(SeqViewDouble &s1, SeqViewDouble &s2, SeqViewDouble &joined)
static void Append(SeqViewDouble &s1, SeqViewDouble &s2)
static void Print(SeqViewDouble &s1, char *filename)
static void Print(SeqViewComplex &s1, char *filename)
static void Print(SeqViewDouble &s1)
static void Range(SeqViewDouble &s1, int l, int m)
static void Range(SeqViewComplex &s1, int l, int m)
static void Range(SeqViewDouble &s1, SeqViewDouble &s2, int l, int m)
static void LeftShift(SeqViewDouble &seq, SeqViewDouble &ins)
static void PadLeft(SeqViewDouble &src, SeqViewDouble &dst, unsigned int size, double value = 0.0)
static void PadRight(SeqViewDouble &src, SeqViewDouble &dst, unsigned int size, double value = 0.0)
static double Dot(SeqViewDouble &s1, unsigned int ch1, SeqViewDouble &s2, unsigned int ch2)
static void SumChannels(SeqViewDouble &s1, SeqViewDouble &sum)
static void SumChannels(SeqViewDouble &s1, SeqViewDouble &sum, double wfirst, double wothers)
static void Fill(SeqViewDouble &ts, double value)
static void FillSeq(SeqViewDouble &ts, unsigned int i, unsigned int j, double value)
static bool PeekRange(SeqViewDouble &src, SeqViewDouble &dst, double tstart, double tend)

Extract from the src view the data included in a given time range, tstart<=t<=tend, and put it in the dst view.

  • src – the source view

  • dst – the destination view

  • tstart – start time of the range

  • tend – end time for the range


true if the range is fully inside src, false otherwise

static void Apply(double (*func)(double), SeqViewDouble &ts)
static void Apply(double (*func)(double), SeqViewDouble &ts, SeqViewDouble &res)
static void BinOp(std::complex<double> (*func)(std::complex<double>, std::complex<double>), SeqViewComplex &ts1, SeqViewComplex &ts2, SeqViewComplex &res)
static void BinOp(double (*func)(double, double), SeqViewDouble &ts1, SeqViewDouble &ts2, SeqViewDouble &res)
static void Apply(std::complex<double> (*func)(std::complex<double>), SeqViewComplex &fs)
static void Apply(std::complex<double> (*func)(std::complex<double>), SeqViewComplex &fs, SeqViewComplex &res)
static void Sum(SeqViewDouble &res, double scale, SeqViewDouble &ts)
static void Sum(SeqViewComplex &res, double scale, SeqViewComplex &ts)
static void Inverse(SeqViewDouble &ts1, SeqViewDouble &res)
static void AffineTransformation(SeqViewDouble &ts1, double a, double b, SeqViewDouble &res)
static void Ratio(SeqViewDouble &ts1, SeqViewDouble &ts2, SeqViewDouble &res)
static void Ratio(SeqViewComplex &ts1, SeqViewComplex &ts2, SeqViewComplex &res)
static void Ratio(SeqViewDouble &ts1, SeqViewComplex &ts2, SeqViewComplex &res)
static void Ratio(SeqViewComplex &ts1, SeqViewDouble &ts2, SeqViewComplex &res)
static void ComplexToPolar(SeqViewComplex &ts1, SeqViewDouble &ts2)
static void Norm(SeqViewComplex &ts1, SeqViewDouble &res)
static void Abs(SeqViewComplex &ts1, SeqViewDouble &res)
static void Abs2(SeqViewComplex &ts1, SeqViewDouble &res)
static void Prod(SeqViewDouble &ts1, SeqViewDouble &ts2, SeqViewDouble &res)
static void Prod(SeqViewDouble &ts1, SeqViewComplex &ts2, SeqViewComplex &res)
static void ProdConj(SeqViewComplex &ts1, SeqViewComplex &ts2, SeqViewComplex &res)
static void Phase(SeqViewComplex &ts1, SeqViewComplex &ts2, SeqViewComplex &res)
static void BlockSum(SeqViewComplex &in, SeqViewComplex &out, int bsize)
static std::complex<double> Integrate(SeqViewComplex &data, double f1, double f2)
static double Integrate(SeqViewDouble &data, double f1, double f2)
static std::complex<double> DelayIntegrate(SeqViewComplex &data, double tau, double f1, double f2)
static std::complex<double> DelayIntegrate(SeqViewDouble &data, double tau, double f1, double f2)
static void Multiply(SeqViewDouble &in1, SeqViewDouble &in2, SeqViewDouble &res)
static void Multiply(SeqViewDouble &in1, SeqViewComplex &in2, SeqViewComplex &res)
static void Multiply(SeqViewComplex &in1, SeqViewComplex &in2, SeqViewComplex &res)

Public Functions

inline ViewUtil()


inline ~ViewUtil()